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Human Design Basics

Frequently Asked Questions

“You’re not going to find your answer in this journey. You’re going to find stimulation. The answer is within yourself. It cannot be anyplace else. It is about surrender.” – Ra Uru Hu

The Human Design System is known as the science of differentiation, a unique system that uses a person’s exact birth time, date and location to calculate their unique map. This is called the bodygraph.

The Human Design System offers the possibility to understand and show in a logically precise way the genetic-energetic potential in a person, while also showing the different areas where wisdom is possible in a lifetime. This is all brought about through the synthesis of ancient and new sciences, including the Kabbalah, the I Ching, the Indian Chakra teachings, Western and Vedic astrology, along with epigenetics and quantum physics.

The Human Design System was not created as much as it was transmitted in a rather mystical manner by a man called Ra Uru Hu. While on his stay in Ibiza in 1987, he received the knowledge through the “Voice” and has been extensively tested and carried forward over the years.

As its origins are of a mystical nature, the knowledge is not used as a belief system, rather purely for radical experimentation and exploration of the self.

The Human Design System has incredibly deep and rich information, which has been found to be very precise and revealing when relating to an individual’s nature and subsequent dilemmas. 

The knowledge, especially the integration and application of it, has great potential to reduce one’s resistance in life. Through time, it can help bring us back into our own nature, to fully live an empowered life. Eventually, it can bring about the benefit of realigning ourselves to fulfil our unique purpose.

To find out your unique Human Design, you will need above all an exact time of birth. If you don’t have this, there are two options: calling the hospital you were born in or hiring an astrologer that can do a Birth Time Verification with you. Added to that, you will need your date and location of birth. This data will give you the possibility to calculate your unique Bodygraph.

The easiest way to do this is to use our partner homepage www.bodygraph.io to calculate a chart for free. You will also find more basic information through that page.

A Human Design bodygraph is considered unique as it reflects your individuality as a human being. In it, you will be able to see nine geometric shapes, called centers, which point to both our gifts and dilemmas in life. The later is mainly a result of our minds trying to control life, which ultimately always ends in chaos. The colors also show a different aspect of our individuality – black is for the conscious aspects, while red shows us our unconscious traits. You will also spot white centers, which we call the open and receptive aspects of our graphs.

All this, including the different numbers (called gates), provides information about your unique life path. In other words, it allows us to see very practically how you are equipped to make decisions, what to watch out for, what your energetic nature is, and what role you may play in this incarnation (lifetime). If you’d like to dive deeper into these topics and test it out for yourself, we recommend booking a personal Human Design Reading.

A Human Design Reading is the possibility to get your own chart decoded. This would include an analyst calculating your bodygraph, where they would translate and tell you exactly what information is available for you to know.

This means that you get all the basic information about your true self, your decision-making voice, the not-self dilemmas you may face, your life role and other topics in the format of an audio file and/or as a text report. This is also the basic requirement to start studying Human Design.

For a Human Design Reading, we welcome you to check the overview of available readers on our site. Please take your time with this decision as finding the right person is important. Trust your intuition. If no one suits you, you are welcome to search for other readers online.

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About Human Design

Benefits & What to do?

“The vast majority of human beings walking around out there do not understand that they are deeply deeply programmed.” – Ra Uru Hu

After you get your personal reading, we recommend to read information through our blog. You can also find audio recordings on certain topics through our online store. If with all this the real experience tempts you, we invite you to attend one of our offline (or online) workshops to continue expanding.

Please note that due to the popularity of this system, the internet is flooded with false information, which may confuse you in your new learning process. Make sure that the information is always related to the original Human Design – in the best case Ra Uru Hu.

The different “types” in the Human Design System are generalizations of the auric definition found in the bodygraph. Since there are only four different types of channels (filled in lines connecting two centers), namely generating, manifesting, projecting and open, there are exclusively only 4 types. These are Generators, Manifestors, Projectors and Reflectors. There is a myth that the Manifesting Generator is a fifth type, but this is incorrect because it still has a Generator Aura. Furthermore, type should not be seen as a category, but rather as the aura or an interaction mode.

This means that each aura energetically communicates in its own way, coming with certain limitations that are perfect for our unique life paths. It provides information about our way of relating with our different environments.

The Human Design system uses western astrology for the calculation of the bodygraph, but has very little in common with what we know in mainstream astrology.

Regarding spiritual topics, Human Design is rather a logical study of genetic-energetic aspects, which even shows correlations to the 64 codons of our DNA. Human Design is not a spiritual tool, although it has a mystical background and uses various esoteric terms.

At this point, we would like to quote Ra Uru Hu, who said the following: “The Human Design System is not a belief system. It doesn’t require that you believe in anything, or that you believe in me. It’s not stories, it’s not a philosophy. It is a concrete map to the nature of being, a logical way in which we can see ourselves. Just the simple mechanics is enough to make a vast difference in somebody’s life. With a Human Design education, your genetic code can be read in detail.” 

It is important to point out that nothing about Human Design must or should be believed, because the path consists of self-validation through experimentation.

By calculating your unique Bodygraph, you can see what role you play in this life, what genetic traits you carry as potential in you, where your problems come from in yourself, what is important for your health, what is important for your relationships and many other important life themes.

Basically you can say that with Human Design you can precisely detect what differentiates you as an individual from the conditioned environment.

Probably the greatest benefit of Human Design is that one has the possibility to get out of the grip of the mind. You are then able to experience a life that will unfold naturally through the body, while understanding energetic dynamics in your daily interactions.

All this brings less resistance in life, more clarity and understanding for others in our lives (parents, partners, children, friends, etc) and for oneself.

Since your Human Design Chart is connected to your birth time and this does not change, your bodygraph always stays the same. When we look at the bodygraph, it shows what your original imprint was through the planets. The chart itself, like your body, takes things in and gives things out. The chart represents your origin and what potential is available for you in this lifetime.

Once you realize and live out your unique nature with Human Design as a tool, you’ll be able to better explain many aspects of your relationships – simply because you understand yourself better and in turn, the other. Looking more closely at the charts of a family, partnership or whatever form of relationship, will give you tremendous insight into what can help facilitate togetherness. This system will help shed a light on the aspects that may not be obvious to us and quite normal for the other person to see in us. Human Design in its application is an excellent way to better understand any relationship.

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