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 – Which type are you?

Human Design System

“The vast majority of human beings walking around out there do not understand that they are deeply deeply programmed.” – Ra Uru Hu

- Which type are you?

Human Design System

I. What is Human Design?

Human Design is your energetic fingerprint. The instruction manual for your own energy and how to make the right choices for you. You came into this world with a soul plan and your design supports you in recognizing and living this soul plan.

From your Human Design Chart you can read what your strengths and your weaknesses are, how to best interact with others, and how to easily attract into your life what is made for you. Human Design describes the energy of your life’s theme and calls to consciousness the qualities of you that you may not have noticed until today.

With the knowledge from the depths of Human Design you find out which energy is constantly available to you and in which areas you have been conditioned by society or your family. Perhaps in these areas you are living a version of yourself today that does not suit you. A version that takes energy from you instead of giving energy to you. A version that holds back your power and holds back your potential.

Human Design is a way to strengthen your self-awareness and gain a better understanding and awareness of yourself and your environment. It helps you see that we are all unique and all that works for you does not have to work for those around you. Human Design helps us to be more mindful with ourselves, our needs and with our heart people.

II. History

Human Design is a synthesis of the 4 ancient wisdoms and sciences of astrology, chakra teachings, the I Ching and the Tree of Life of Kaballa. A system channeled in January 1987 by Canadian-born Robert Alan Krakower on the island of Ibiza.

Later Robert Allan Krakower became known as “Ra Uru Hu”, under which he also made Human Design famous.

Robert Allan Krakower was not spiritual until that day, had no money and also no home. He was walking his dog on the beach, as he did every evening, when “the voice” called him. He was sitting in nature and his body was flowing with a near-death experience that had caught up with him. This experience unlocked new potential for him. A voice was now speaking to him. Where it came from, he did not know. It guided him and brought the knowledge of Human Design into him.

For 8 days and 8 nights Ra Uru Hu wrote down everything he received in order to be able to pass on the words. From that time on Robert Alan Krakower called himself only Ra Uru Hu. He says himself that during this time, his “old” personality died.

Afraid of what people would think about him, would declare him crazy, he burned all records of the received Human Design knowledge. But he himself did not let go of what he had received and he started his self-experiment. He tried to implement the knowledge and to integrate it into his everyday life. This did not remain unnoticed by his environment for long and he was asked about his transformation.

So he started to share the knowledge about Human Design and more and more people started their self-experiment. The knowledge must be tested first, so the voice already told him and so more and more people did it. This has not changed until today.

III. Creation of your chart

The planets activate at your birth (exact time with time) and about 3 months before the gates that you see on the left and right of Diener Chart. These are then drawn as a half channel in your chart. Mostly a darker color stands for the conscious side of your chart. These are the definitions that are activated at your birth. A lighter color usually stands for the unconscious activation. These are the definitions that were created about 3 months before your birth.

If a gate has been activated on both the conscious and unconscious side, half of the channel is two-colored. In some representations there are two lines next to each other, others show the channel striped. This representation does not have a different meaning.

If two opposite gates meet, the channel activates. This in turn defines the two adjacent centers by its energy flow. This is how the overall picture of your chart is created in the end.

But you don’t have to know all this yourself. To create your own chart, you only need:

  1. Your date of birth
  2. Your time of birth
  3. Your place of birth

IV. Reading, analysis, workshop, training

There are now so many different ways to approach your human design:

Reading: In a Reading you have your personal Human Design expert, who brings you closer to the basics and specifics of your chart and your design. A “classic” reading usually takes 90-120 minutes and gives you a first insight into your chart. Mostly we talk about the type, the strategy, the authority, the profile and the individual centers. Each of these topics is briefly and individually touched upon.

… here you can book a reading with your personal Human Design Expert

Analysis: The term analysis is used differently in Human Design. On the one hand, an analysis can be used almost synonymously with a reading. This is a 1:1 conversation that explains the technical meaning of your chart. In an analysis it is more about the “hard” facts. On the other hand, digital documents, which are created automatically, are also sold as analyses. Here you only get a written explanation of your individual human design.

Workshop: Depending on the topic, a workshop provides you with general knowledge. You get a very good and comprehensive overview and understand not only yourself, but also the others better. Most workshops have an accompanying workbook for your personal review and you can watch the video material again and again.

… click here for the workshops

Training: In a Human Design training (which is not a classical training with IHK degree) you learn how to use the knowledge of Human Design not only for yourself, but how you can pass it on to others. Either because you want to become a Human Design Coach yourself or because you want to combine the knowledge with your current work.

… learn more about the Human Design Academy

V. The building blocks of the chart - explanation of terms

The Centers: They are the largest energy building blocks in your chart. The centers send out energy when they are defined and receive energy when they are undefined.

The channels: They connect two gates with and therefore two centers with each other. Life energy flows here and creates something new, even greater, through this connection. Thus, each channel has its own unique energy.

The gates: They are the smallest building blocks in your chart and represent a very specific energy. The gates can give you a very detailed insight into a wide variety of life areas.

Defined: The defined parts of your chart are colored or colorful. You are sending energy. You radiate to others. Your environment feels and amplifies what you send out. Here sits your reliable energy. No matter what energies are around you. Defined are the abilities, talents and gifts that you can always and constantly fall back on. This brings you security in this area, you know for yourself that you can always fall back on it. At the same time, it makes you specialized in that energy. Then sometimes something can seem inflexible and rigid.

Undefined: The open parts of your chart are shown white or light. You are perceiving and receiving. You feel very strongly what energy is in your environment and amplify it in you. Sometimes you have energy in this area and sometimes not. It all depends on who and what surrounds you. You can learn everything and flexibly adapt and change. With this you are deeply wise and discover and live your highest energy. You have many more possibilities to see the world from different perspectives and energies.

Conscious: At the time of your birth, your conscious abilities are activated. This is also called the personality side. You are aware of these qualities and you perceive them in yourself.

Unconscious: About 3 months before your unconscious side is formed. Your body is already “finished” at this stage and all the characteristics find their way into your soul, which you are still discovering about yourself in the course of your life and which you are not yet aware of.

VI. The 4 types - Which one are you?

When you start looking at your chart and your design, type is usually the first thing you come across. Your type gives you a picture of how your energy is meant to be – how you are meant to be. Human Design distinguishes five energy types. None of these types is better and none is worse, because the world needs all types.

1. Manifestor

You are one of the 8% of people in this world who are all about activity. It doesn’t matter if you get yourself or others moving. You have a natural wealth of energy that provides impetus for activity around you. You are here to bring your ideas into the world and just do it. You have a strong aura and love to move things forward. Your strategy is to inform before you initiate and bring things into the world. Make sure you always recover after your sprints and replenish your sacral energy.

… more about the Manifestor

2. Generator

You are designed to respond to life’s offers – before you commit all your powerhouse energy to anything. You have a strong gut voice that helps you find the right offers for you.

For you, it is essential to wait for life’s invitations and then know what you can best put your enormous energy into. You can only take your life to the next level if you really follow your joy and build a brilliant new world with it. For you it has to be joyful and sexy so that your energy stays at a high level and you don’t burn out.

… more about the generator

3. Projector

As a projector you belong to a small group of about 20% of all people. You are a non-energy type, which means that you don’t have an energy engine inside you that produces life energy for you 24 hours a day. Your strength is not how much you accomplish here in this world, but how you see the world.

As a projector you know when things go wrong, see what needs to be changed in this world and how that can be. You love to look at the systems and models of the world and their energies.

Your strategy is to wait for invitations. Authentic invitations have previously known and truly seen you in your depth and gifts. If you speak your wisdom without invitation, you will meet resistance and afterwards feel yourself neither seen nor recognized. Because that is one thing you are striving for: to be recognized and seen in your depth.

… more about the projector

4. Reflector

As a reflector, you belong to about 1% of the population, making you a very rare type. Your chart is completely open and you have no defined centers.
As a reflector you are like a receiving station. Your open centers receive the energy from other people but also from the daily transits of the planets, especially the moon.
You are reflecting all the time to the people around you what their issues are, what their lives are about. You absorb and reinforce the characteristics, feelings and themes of the people you spend time with.

Other types have constancy through their defined centers and channels you are constantly changing, strongly dependent on the position of the planets and especially with the energy of the moon. The Moon, with its different energies, provides you with unique perspectives that are hidden from other people.

At the same time, you are not “just” this guy. You are much more. Your Human Design shows much more of your individual facets. It is not about pigeonholing, but about your type helping you to find your individual energy more easily.

… more about the reflector

Your type should in no way become an excuse. Because you have all possibilities. Human Design should help you to become active in your energy and it should not make you passive.

This time doesn’t need more people who keep themselves small and conform. We need individuals who blossom, live their individual power, arrive at themselves and carry their light into this world.

VII. Message

You are unique. You are full of wonders and hidden treasures.
You have a special and extraordinary design, which helps you to bring your task in this life into the world.

The magic comes when you start to LIVE what you have learned. And not only when it suits you, but always. This is when you follow your soul plan and let your body wisdom guide you. It will lead you to all that you are here in this world to do.

The more you live your design and come into your power and SuperPower, the lighter, more alive, more joyful and richer your life will be.

Human Design is designed to show you what happens when you come into your energy. Learn to trust yourself and your inner wisdom.

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