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Retreat "Meet your Inner Authority" 2023

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The following informations are important to you:

We are the first worldwide human design co-living project and this year we are again offering our substantial one-week “Meet your Inner Authority” retreat.

In the HD Co-Living Lagos, experienced human design experts mediate, in which we have experienced and experienced the theoretical knowledge of human design in practice, and pass it on in the context of events and retreats. From experience we can say that the magic doesn’t happen within the lectures, but in the exchange afterwards, at the pool, when going out, when experiencing one’s own individuality in togetherness.

Participation requirements:

“Beginner” – Retreat | March 2023

“Immersion” – Retreat | April 2023

During the retreat you will receive:

  • Daily offer of theoretical & practical knowledge and shared experience and exchange
  • min. 15 hours of theoretical knowledge
  • min. 15 hours experiment in aura
  • Open Doors on Site of our Co-Living (7 Days from 10am – 8pm)
  • enough time for individual leisure activities for you in Lagos


The program is individually tailored to the group, taking into account the preliminary talks, the location and the weather. Details will be finalized with you according to strategy and authority.

The Monday will mostly look like:

10:00 – 10:30 | Pickup from your accomodation

11:00 – 13:00 | Soft Opening

13:00 – 14:30 | Lunch (always inclusive)

14:30 – 16:00 | Lecture 1

16:00 – 17:00 | Coffee and Sweets

17:00 – 18:30 | Lecture 2

The theoretical content of the lectures includes:

1. Basics
  • Origin of HDS
  • Overview of the body graph
  • How is a diagram created
  • Mind is never inner authority
  • Red Black
  • 2. The 9 centers
  • Center Mechanics
  • Open centers
  • Defined centers
  • Non-Self
  • 3. Energy Flow
  • definition
  • Channeling
  • Circuit Notes
  • 4. Inner Authorities
    5. The 4 Aura Types
    6. Circuits

    The Practical content may look like:

    • Aura experiment
    • Center constellation
    • Use authority in everyday life
    • Color chart
    • Sacral session
    • Interaction exercises
    • Reading the Other Exercise (Beginner)


    • We recommend arriving on Sunday and departing on Monday to enjoy the full experience
    • Every Sunday we open our doors to people in Lagos who are interested in Human Design as part of our HD Cafe. You are cordially invited to be there (from 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.)
    • You immerse yourself in the unique co-living based on human design for 7 days
    • The retreat hosts are the human design experts who live in the co-living in Lagos
    • The magic happens after the lectures, when going out and experiencing things together


    • Accommodation is not included
    • In the immediate vicinity there are numerous accommodations between 35€-120€ per night
    • If rooms are directly available in our co-living at the time of the retreat, we will let you know

    Included Catering

    • 7x lunch
    • 1 x joint dinner in the city (practice | ordering food)
    • 1 x final dinner at Co Living on Saturday
    • daily soft drinks, coffee, cakes, snacks and fruit


    • Airport pickup and drop-off is available (75€ per trip)
    • There is a shuttle from the property to the villa every morning (only within Lagos)
    • Please find attached the bus and train timetable
    • 9000 square foot Arial with pool
    • We have 12 residents with 5 children
    • Pets are not allowed at our Lagos location
    • on the outskirts of Lagos
    • Downtown – 15 minutes walk from our location
    • Beach – 20 minutes walk from our location
    • Supermarket/pharmacy/electronics store – 3 minutes walk
    • public Hospital – 4 minutes

    Lagos, Portugal

    • Lagos offers numerous restaurants, bars and cafes in the city centre
    • Several beaches are within 20 minutes walking distance
    • The weather in winter in Lagos is spring-like, mostly sunny, and at night temperatures do not drop below 10 degrees
    • ideal place in winter for people who want to continue their education and offers good networking opportunities
    • the #1 hotspot for digital nomads in Portugal for years

    Important Notes

    • Based on our experience, we can report from our previous participants that the experience does not end here on the last day. This intensive coexistence has a longer lasting effect and requires reflection time. That’s why we offer a joint call after 4 weeks to share personal experiences in the group.
    • Our co-living as well as the retreat will be accompanied by cameras to document the experiment photographically and filmically. The material may be used retrospectively for any purpose on our part.
    • Please respect all spaces and individual needs of the residents of our co-living at all times

    Co-Living Lagos, Portugal

    12 Adults
    11 Bedrooms
    5 Kids
    4 Kitchens
    6 Bathrooms
    2 Aura Free Spaces
    4 Parkingspots
    9000 m2 Garden
    1 Pool
    No pets allowed
    20 min Walk (Beach)
    15 min Walk (Lagos)
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    Our Location Lagos

    Talis Wao

    Projector 1/3

    Your Teacher

    Some say I’m an investigative love preacher with the direction of bringing meaning for the future out of the past – establishing visionary constructs based on feeling and experience. Some even see me as a Human Design Mentor and like my abstract art of many medias. My visions that find place in the Human Design Experience are of a philanthropic nature and my desire to make HD more accessible to see the world aligned is what keeps getting me out of bed.

    1/3 Mental Projector, VoLove, 64-47, Desire Motivation
    Experimenting with HD radically since august 2018

    Location, Lagos Portugal

    Event calender

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