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Lagos, Portugal

About our location

Welcome to the first Human Design coliving project worldwide! We would love to have you join us for one to six months, to live and share your own individual Human Design journey through this wild ride we call life.

It should be clear that we are not a hostel, a hotel or a classic community. We are a home for people who are open to living their own Human Design experiment with other like-minded people. We all range from beginners to advanced, from reflectors to projectors to generators or manifestors. 

Our Human Design Coliving Home in Lagos is for people who consciously and actively engage in the de-conditioning process. Are you ready to come join us and live your design?

The Villa

The location we have chosen in Lagos holds space for 14 residents, where all our rooms fit the different Human Design environments. This allows those interested in experimenting further with their PHS or Environment to fully step into their design and taste the beauty of alignment. 

Our large 9000m2 garden allows people who stay here full-time to find space for themselves, reground and do whatever it is they please. The villa has its own private pool which can be enjoyed at any moment in time. Next to the pool one can also find a punching bag for energetic release or a simple workout.

Regarding the location, the villa is a 20min walk from the nearest beach and a 10-15min walk to the city center. The closest supermarket (Intermarche) is a 4min walk from the villa, as well as Lidl and Aldi that are a 10min walk. 

Lagos, Portugal

Lagos is the largest city you will find in the Algarve, with a total population of 31,000 which can almost double during the summer season. It is known as the new vibrant hotspot for digital nomads and remote workers, mainly due to its 300+ days of sun and beautiful beaches all around. We have felt it to be a magical place, where you can find all sorts of like-minded people on their own journeys. 

From breathwork classes to yoga to tantra retreats and crossfit, this city has everything you need to keep your de-conditioning journey going at your own pace.

Find the exact location below through the map, and feel free to explore what could await you if you join our beautiful experience!

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included at the villa:

14 Adults
14 Bedrooms
8 Kids
6 Kitchens
9 Bathrooms
2 Aura Retreat Cabins
6 Parkingspots
9000 m2 Garden
1 Pool
No pets allowed
20 min walk (Beach)
15 min walk (Lagos)
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Pictures of our Location

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