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Human Design Real Talk

The struggle is real

English (German Text down below)

We invite you to our first German format from the HD Villa in Lagos!
Let’s talk about what Human Design does to our lives.

For example:
What was the biggest impact?
What do you despair of?
How is your path to embodiment?
Embodied knowledge with this knowledge bomb?

This is not just simple and easy – let’s face it – it is not a path covered in roses. Quite the opposite!
Especially in the first years of deconditioning, the sheer endless layers of our conditioning literally fly up in our faces.
And that’s exactly what we want to talk to you about – honestly, openly and transparently.

We, Nora 3/6 sacral generator and Talis 1/3 mental projector will accompany the talk with various housemates and guests from the house.
Of course we will report from our personal perspective of the journey through the Human Design Experiment – and are happy to answer your questions.

It will be fun and substantive – radical honesty is the motto.If you have a YES, then book a ticket, send us your question and be a guest in our virtual chat.

Nora & Talis


Wir laden euch ein zu unserem ersten deutschen Format aus der HD Villa in Lagos!
Lasst uns darüber sprechen was Human Design mit unserem Leben macht.

Zum Beispiel:
– Was war der größte Impact?
– Woran verzweifelst du?
– Wie ist dein Weg zur Verkörperung?
– Verkörpertes Wissen bei dieser Wissensbombe?

Das ist nicht nur einfach und leicht – seien wir ehrlich – es ist kein Weg der auf Rosen gedeckt ist. Ganz im Gegenteil!
Besonders in den ersten Jahren der Dekonditionierung fliegen uns die schier unendlichen Schichten unserer Konditionierung förmlich um die Ohren.
Und genau darüber möchten wir mit euch sprechen – ehrlich, offen und transparent.

Wir, Nora 3/6 sakraler Generator und Talis 1/3 mentaler Projektor werden den Talk mit verschiedenen Mitbewohnern und Gästen aus dem Haus begleiten.
Natürlich berichten wir aus unserer  persönlichen Perspektive der Reise durchs Human Design Experiment – und freuen uns eure Fragen zu beantworten.

Es wird lustig und Gehaltvoll – radikale Ehrlichkeit ist das Motto.Hast du ein JA dann buch dir ein Ticket, schicke uns deine Frage und sei Gast in unserer virtuellen Plauderrunde.



Feb 15 2023


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

The event is finished.




Nora 3/6, RAX of the Sphinx, Innocence Motivation, 14-2 Beat, 34-57 Power, pure Individual With my 3/6 profile I am currently experiencing the transition from making many "mistakes" and endless experiences - to sitting on the roof, observing and healing from all that has been. I am a self-proclaimed professional in what doesn't work. People say I have always been very successful and that I have never lacked anything. And that's true on a level that no longer interests me. With my directional energy, I have turned many people's lives upside down, brought much into light and handed over the keys to change. My own life, on the other hand, has always been quite chaotic and erratic - even though I have always been very stable in it and deeply enjoy my travels. I can say that I feel very comfortable while the world is collapsing around me. Because my own direction is always very clear to my system - even if I am sometimes a bit surprised, but my body knows where it is taking me and with whom it is connecting me. I trust it. I build connections from the stories of the past and weave them into a new better future. Sometimes my fingers bleed and the result is not yet optimal, and sometimes it comes out even more beautiful and shines in a wonderful new light. I am here to help the world through my own experiences with transitions. Allow yourself to be who you are - that is always enough!

Other Organizers

Talis Wao
Talis Wao

Some say I’m an investigative love preacher with the direction of bringing meaning for the future out of the past – establishing visionary constructs based on feeling and experience. Some even see me as a Human Design Mentor and like my abstract art of many medias. My visions that find place in the Human Design Experience are of a philanthropic nature and my desire to make HD more accessible to see the world aligned is what keeps getting me out of bed. 1/3 Mental Projector, VoLove, 64-47, Desire Motivation Experimenting with HD radically since august 2018

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