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Hotseat with Hot Soup | Manifestor

Human Design Interactive Chart-Show

Hotseats with Hot Soup

Human Design Interactive HD Show

Hotseats with Hot Soup

Are you ready to receive a showcase about your personal chart?

Our Hotseat event brings together 4 people, who all receive individual parts about their chart. spiced with practical knowledge for your day2day Human Design Experiment.

Do you prefer being part of the show or observing? after the 2 hour entertaining insights about your charts we sit together for hot soup. The perfect setting for Hot-Seaters, 

Oberservers, Residents and the Hot-Seat Host come together and reflect upon the show.

Hotseat Ticket | 100€

Observer Ticket | 20€ #bringyourfriendsandfamily

About Hotseats

What can you get

The Hotseat with Soup will be a comprehensive 2-hour entertaining about your chart, followed by a Q&A. Following the session will be a moment to nourish ourselves with a warm hot soup, included in the ticket and available to all participants.

Hotseat Ticket 

Hotseaters will feel about themselves, their design as well as the differences between the different charts available that day

Observer Ticket 

Observers have the opportunity to see the 4Hot-Seaters being roasted in a very very sensitive & soulfully way by experienced Human Design Aficionados

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Hotseat Ticket | Manifestor
Available Tickets: 100
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Observer Ticket
Available Tickets: 100
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Jan 13 2024


4:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Rua D.Joāo III, 8600-776 Lagos


Rua D.Joāo III, 8600-776 Lagos

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In addition to the Co-Living Experience, we create events together and regularly offer free and paid Human Design events to make the knowledge accessible to new people and to strengthen the association. In addition to the joint events, you naturally also have the opportunity to implement your own ideas within the framework of this co-living, either alone or with support.

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